In order to download and use these styles, you need to install Stylus first.
Here is a link to each of the extensions, as well as the GitHub project.

I would prefer that you get the styles from UserStyles when you can, as it provides me with analytics about how often it's been downloaded and the like, but if the site is down, the direct method is still available to you.


//In Progress

There's a number of styles I currently have in progress.

When/if they go up depends on a number of factors.
If you have a style you want to see made, or one of mine fast-tracked, drop an Issue at the GitHub link in the header. Supporting below might help too...

The main ones in progress at the moment are:

  • > eBay
  • > Etsy
  • > Gumtree
  • > Microsoft's various sites
  • > Domino's
  • > Trakt
  • > EBGames/Zing
  • > Unity's various sites
  • > Vimeo
  • > Patreon
  • > Menulog
  • > SoundCloud
  • > YouTube Studio
  • > Commbank
  • > PayPal
  • > IMDb
  • > The Loop


This isn't necessary, but any support would be greatly appreciated!